Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Recession Special"

I must say that this depression has done one good thing. You can now get larger portions of slop for less. Tasty "slop",..with sauce. Umm, it hit the spot!

There was even some leftovers to take with me!

I was looking at photos of the last Great Depression. If one looks carefully you'll see shops in the backround offering big meals for pennies. I'm glad this tradition seems to be coming back.

Paying $20. at a deli for a sandwich, and a coke is now out of the question, and I'm glad shop keepers finally realize this. "Harry's" above, which squats in the shadow of the Empire State Building.

Old "Harry's" was a middle upscale eatery, but now has become 'reasonable' to stay in business. Smart move guys. Pastrami for the Mass's!

Btw, not really sure what was in tonight's slop, but it was good!

Sorry about the blurred snap shots.


Cannibal said...

Yeah, right now if you have two nickels to rub together you can get yourself some nifty bargains. But the emotional cost of all of this is still going to all come home to roost. Damn, those tasty chickens!

Yeah we know how f'ed up your workplace has been and continues to be. Years of looking the other way now mean that powerful retrograde forces are headed straight for it (how witty of me to turn it into an astrological event)!

Zaek said...

So far I haven't noticed any bargains at eateries in my neighborhood, but I seldom patronize such. The price of groceries hasn't come down a bit, in fact quite the reverse. What's with that? And how come only New Yorkers get all the good deals?