Friday, March 6, 2009

"Earth Attacks!"

Okay so that last post was insane, what. Still it 'was' fun being Emperor of the only, so far as I know, independent country on the web. I think it lasted about a year before it was all deleted when I post a naked person on it.

Aw well.

Right now I'm a tad insane with anxiety profound depression, rage, and boredom. Like I've mention on my Sydneyhause blog in some ways I want to go back out onto the streets.

For those just joining this clambake I was Homeless for over five months last year. It was seriously dangerous, humiliating, and crazy, but I was getting used to it.

'And I wanted to die too.

Turns out we're like rats or roaches. It's seriously hard to kill us. Like in war or bad american neighborhoods. A guy can get shot three, four times, and he's still around to fuck things up.

Resilient, that's us.

We're vermin with big brains. Smart, vicious, relentless that's homosapians for ya.

That's me.

Still here with all my deranged bullshit despite everything. I think the only way I'm gonna croak is by old age or some stupid disease.

That or the way things are going maybe I'll starve or get wasted in some riot. Yeah a food riot at the supermarket or Wendy's. Right. Something like that seems reasonable.

Oh, but I believe in beauty, goodness, and Angels. Well I did, and still do a bit. A very little bit. Anyway I'll hang on if only to see how this nightmare plays out.

I love a good story.

Stay Tuned.

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