Friday, March 27, 2009


T'wasn't a fit night for nobody! Sheets of rain blinding the whole raging lot of as as we tried to get from one headache to another last night.

'But then "...april showers bring may flowers." Yeah all very nice, but this is still march so gimme a break!

Otherwise I'm happy as a 16 year old sailor with a $1000 dollars who just wandered into an upscale Shanghai whorehouse circa 1912.

Well maybe not 'that' happy.

I'm at least dry, and waiting for my bed, and other assorted bourgeois necessities to show up. Humm, maybe I should bake a cake. No better,..I'll try to make cream puffs!

Oh wait a minute. I still don't got no pots'n pans 'n stuff. That cream puff thing 'might' be a problem without any of that.

...I'll figure something.

Stay tuned.

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