Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Views from Home"

I was laying on my floor, no furniture yet. I was laying, and or wandering around my digs, and took a few snapshots. I likes the place the way it is.


It's zen, but without that bald guy hitting you with a stick. Which reminds me of a conversation I had with a gal pal.

Why ain't there any Black Buddhists?

I answered that question with a question. "Hey you ever seen a room full of quiet Black folks?" I mean that wasn't stoned or sleeping. We're an energetic people, and that's that.

The image of a bunch'a black folks sitting quietly for hours on end with some Chinese bald guy hitting them with a big stick is an "In Living Color" skit waiting to happen.

Throw in "Homey the Clown", and you have a comedy classic on your hands.

So no my digs aren't likely to be an ashram or whatever anytime soon. Still I 'could' use a chair. 'Cause now the only place to sit is the kitchen window sill, and the toilet.

More later.

'Love dat Homey!

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Anonymous said...

Cute....I also liked their "Men on Film" skits and the ones where Jim Carey was the fire marshall. I knew a guy who looked just like him!

Mr. Chips