Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Protection Racket"

I wandering about downtown, and happened on the "A.I.G." fortress. This headquarters of theft has become a tourist attraction for the masses. I took a few snap myself. Actually it's not that impressive a spot.

Just another blank glass tower. Albeit full of crooks.


Zaek said...

Never in the United States have I seen such a heavily armed guard, which in itself is not a good sign. I wouldn't be surprised if he's working for Blackwater, or whatever they call themselves now. It shows the AIG thieves sense how hated they are.

I can't recall getting such a good sense of what it's like these days on the streets of NYC.

Lino in Manhattan said...

What i object to is seeing this sort of thing on subway platforms or the interiors of other public spaces.

What the hell do they this will accomplish? Deter a suicide bomber?...not likely.

It the same gross waste of money are those ridiculous "random" bag checks in the subways and the idiotic car searches at the Manhattan bound entrance to the Triborough Br. This one is really a winner, they check random cars entering from Astoria Blvd while five feet away thousand of cars speed-by on the Grand Central Pkwy.

It's their way of saying "we is in control"..