Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Autumn in New York"

'And about frigg'n time too. Fall has finally hit the City. Which to say it's chilly more often than it's warm. Btw it's snowing upstate. Up by the Great Lakes they're getting an early blizzard.

We got one of those down here about 15 years ago. It broke branches off the trees. Leaves, ice, and snow do not a healthy tree make. Anyway as you can see the "colors" are painting the foliage around town pretty good.

Yep the deadly heat, and tropical humidity are finally gone. Now begins the season of freezing rain, slush, driving winds, sub-zero temps, burst pipes, and flooded basements.

At last 'my' time of year!

(Click on my snaps for the full tepid effect)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Peter Rabbit in the Age of Terror"

I wrote this demented story last winter I think, and posted it somewhere in these pages. I thought I'd repost this because it gave me a cynical chuckle.

Gee I wish I had turned this in to Sister Mary Joe in composition class back in the day. 45 years later I'd probably 'still' be in detention.

"Once upon a time"

Peter Rabbit was drafted into "Farmland Security" against his will. His sargent was a raccoon with a serious pine cone habit. He was mean had bad breath, and yelled at poor Peter all the time.

There was also an ugly rumor of sexual abuse.

The food was bad, and the other bunnies were disturbed special education dropouts that beat him up, and stole his carrots which his mommy had sent him.

Oh, but Peter was still the sweet bunny that everyone knew, and loved.

Well okay he did shoot farmer McGregor,...and his family, but you must admit that lot had it coming.

The McGregor farm massacre, and all his random shootings did make him a little sad. However Peter, though heavily armed 'was' after all just rabbit. So he forgot most of what he'd done.

Well after several mindless bloodbaths our hero hopped home to his Mama, and all his friends for a nice supper of cabbage stew.

"Anything interesting happen on your way home from Farmland Service Peter?"

Asked Mama rabbit giving all of her sweet babies second helpings of carrot pie.

"Um, no Mama",...said Peter.

"Well other that blasting that fucking redneck McGregor to bloody shreds, and jelly,"

"Good said Mama Bunny" "That rancid turd killed your Papa, ate'em too"

"You did right son!"

"Thank you Mama", said Peter.

The End.

(Peter on Patrol)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Music to Mine Ears"

This Country needs order! This Country needs renewed Strength! Our Great Nation needs a 'Firm Hand' to restore it to it's True Glory!


Eh,...just kidding. This Obama fellah is really a sweet guy.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

"I Have such a Headache"

That's me there begging for scraps on Wall street after my gig went belly up. Didn't get much that day either,...stingy yuppie bastards.

So yeah I been hiding behind all these youtube videos. What the hell else could I do. You looked outside lately? It's the frigg'n end of the world again. Only this time they mean it.

A Great Depression starting up, the ice caps melted, food almost too expensive to buy, the water polluted. Nothing 'ever' good on tv, and I can't do drugs anymore.

Things is tuff.

Sorry no happy ending comrads. I'd stick my head in the oven, but they cut off the gas. I still gots power so I can watch the news to see how everything has gone to hell.

Btw, I just woke up from a nightmare where Obama got blown up. Did I mention the headache?


Monday, October 13, 2008


Even if this guy gets elected I don't expect stuff to change all that much. The cruel, vicious, and stupid laws that torment so many will stay on the books, and it will be mostly business as usual.

Removing fear, and panic based legislation is the work of generations.

No I don't expect much,...but I do expect something. I expect that four letter word from the Heart.


From Obama, and the movement he has engendered I expect Hope. The Hope that was crushed in this country back in 1968. The Hope we lost with the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Sen.Robert F. Kennedy, and the government's betrayal of their movement for Justice.

I was a lad then. An optimistic hopeful youngster within a generation the shared that Hope. So after 40 years in the wilderness. 40 years after Dr. King went to the mountain top. Perhaps now, at long last a small whisper of that long ago Hope will be rekindled.