Monday, October 13, 2008


Even if this guy gets elected I don't expect stuff to change all that much. The cruel, vicious, and stupid laws that torment so many will stay on the books, and it will be mostly business as usual.

Removing fear, and panic based legislation is the work of generations.

No I don't expect much,...but I do expect something. I expect that four letter word from the Heart.


From Obama, and the movement he has engendered I expect Hope. The Hope that was crushed in this country back in 1968. The Hope we lost with the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Sen.Robert F. Kennedy, and the government's betrayal of their movement for Justice.

I was a lad then. An optimistic hopeful youngster within a generation the shared that Hope. So after 40 years in the wilderness. 40 years after Dr. King went to the mountain top. Perhaps now, at long last a small whisper of that long ago Hope will be rekindled.


Anonymous said...

Keep the faith Sid, i'm hoping that he makes it to that mountain. everyday i wince when i sign on, hoping i don't read about a bullet and a black man. I had political pro-Obama stuff on my blog for two days and got N-word mails (shrug). I'll try again i guess.. Trist

Uncle Sidney said...

The "N" word even on a Queer blog. Clearly the poison runs deep. All the more reason to fight harder.

Keep at it, keep trying. I once had to turn off Inkplum's comment space when the haters tried to derail it.


As for the election I'm going down to D.C. for the party,...see ya there!