Saturday, October 25, 2008

"I Have such a Headache"

That's me there begging for scraps on Wall street after my gig went belly up. Didn't get much that day either,...stingy yuppie bastards.

So yeah I been hiding behind all these youtube videos. What the hell else could I do. You looked outside lately? It's the frigg'n end of the world again. Only this time they mean it.

A Great Depression starting up, the ice caps melted, food almost too expensive to buy, the water polluted. Nothing 'ever' good on tv, and I can't do drugs anymore.

Things is tuff.

Sorry no happy ending comrads. I'd stick my head in the oven, but they cut off the gas. I still gots power so I can watch the news to see how everything has gone to hell.

Btw, I just woke up from a nightmare where Obama got blown up. Did I mention the headache?



Kevin said...

Since the video addresses it, I hope you'll be pleased to know that partly at your instigation I've registered to vote. I did so on the very last day that my local jurisdiction permits, but hopefully they won't disenfranchise me on that account.

What really decided me was McCain's selection of Sarah Palin. The thought of such a proudly ignorant fundie getting anywhere near the White House was enough to scare me into action.

Uncle Sidney said...


Vote early, and Often. As for our sister Sharah. Well she is who she is.

She may play in a state with a population so small that it would disappear into the crowd if you dumped it in the Bronx.

'But for sure she's not or at least not yet Big League material.

So VOTE, and get at least two others to vote also.

See you in D.C. for the Party.