Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Autumn in New York"

'And about frigg'n time too. Fall has finally hit the City. Which to say it's chilly more often than it's warm. Btw it's snowing upstate. Up by the Great Lakes they're getting an early blizzard.

We got one of those down here about 15 years ago. It broke branches off the trees. Leaves, ice, and snow do not a healthy tree make. Anyway as you can see the "colors" are painting the foliage around town pretty good.

Yep the deadly heat, and tropical humidity are finally gone. Now begins the season of freezing rain, slush, driving winds, sub-zero temps, burst pipes, and flooded basements.

At last 'my' time of year!

(Click on my snaps for the full tepid effect)

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