Friday, May 23, 2008

"Wet Silk"

"Pink Pedal Dreams"

"High Tea"

Next time I decide to be born on Earth I'm going to be a Japanese lady. Such neat style, and you don't even have to be gaie to wear it.

You get to be all wrapped up in colorful silks, and hang out in swell gardens. You, and your Nippon gal pals sit around all day reciting poetry, and eating cookies. That, and arranging weird flowers.

What's not to like?

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Color War"

Queer colors fly once again within the deranged walls of radio WBAI! After years of tolerated homophobic bullshit the rainbow flag has returned. Several recent managers, and too many of the staff looked the other way as Queer Hate ran rampant within the alleged progressive halls, and studio's of the legendary Radio Station WBAI.

Last night during one of our endless fundraiser's a dear volunteer "good ol'Seth" gave us a new Queer flag. In recent years as many as four or five other Queer banners have been torn down. An employee's locker was defaced with the word "Fag", and incidents of homophobia that occurred on the air, and in our offices were overlooked.

Real Swell.

Anyway as you can see our Hero's the Rt. Reverend R.P.Martin, and Nurse Pickles,..Canadian Navy Ret., unfurl the new station rainbow banner. Your dear Uncle Sydney can also be glimpsed.

Although I personally have problems with the dreary, reactionary, unimaginative mainstream so-called gay community. I shall overlook these objections for the sake of revolutionary solidarity. ...ahem

Friday, May 16, 2008

"Obama of Them!"

I Knew it!

The "tip off" was that he has no "Deranged, Catholic Nun" stories. Every 'real' Christian has at least one of those!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"I Have Such a Headache!"

Aw man what a time to quit Heroin. Don't ya just hate being sick. Especially when ya got's no idea what wrong. All I know is I'm dizzy, yucky, and shit hurts.

This could be a problem if this happens to me out in the middle of Iraq. Oh yeah I'm trying to get to Iraq. It's a long story. Consult my Inkplum blog for all the delirious details.

Crap, now there's sweats. I had them eariler, but now their get'n serious. Aw bleep it. Well I has to stay up a bit longer, get to the bank, pay bills, and maybe do the laundry.

Forget the laundry.

I'm going to crash as soon as I finish my banking, and breakfast. It must be all the stress of the job, my home life, and the end of the world as we knew it. All that stuff gangs up on ya if ya not careful.

Watch the Skies!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

"IRON MAN",...da movie

Save ya dough! He's my re-enactment of this lastest summer diversion form national survival! Feel free to download, and distribute.

Friday, May 2, 2008

"Shut Up!"

Will somebody please shove a giant dick into this lunatic's mouth! Good grief did Hillary arrange this madness. ...I hears she hired the hall. Swell, Obama's insane pastor goes on a tear. He piss's on the country, Obama, and the universe with his demented 1970's "Blaxpolitation hate sermons".

Yes comrads black people can be stupid, supersitious bigots like everyone else. The unfortunate Rev. Wright proves it everytime he manages to get that giant honking cock out of his mouth.

(Ahem,...nothing wrong with "Honking big Cocks btw,..umph!)

Perhaps super glue or maybe steel clamps or better yet maybe we can weld his go-ddammned trap shut for the frigg'n duration. Com'on there has to be some footage 'somewhere' of him butt fucking choir boys that we can put on youtube.

(Nothing against butt fucking or choirboys either, but ya see what I means here.)

Crap! Will this endless fucking awful primary pleeeese stop!

Hillary you greedy demented She-Devil! 2/3's of da Amerikan people hates ya guts. You will 'never' be Empress so,..Fuck da Hell off!

...and take that lying, two timing, booze hound of a husband with you!!

McCain you old loon step up to the plate, and do your worst. Maybe after his landslide victory President Obama will appoint you to our consulate in Hell.

Dammit let's just get this damned thing overwith so we can get on with the 21st Century finally!!

'Course I mean all of the above in a nice way.