Monday, May 19, 2008

"Color War"

Queer colors fly once again within the deranged walls of radio WBAI! After years of tolerated homophobic bullshit the rainbow flag has returned. Several recent managers, and too many of the staff looked the other way as Queer Hate ran rampant within the alleged progressive halls, and studio's of the legendary Radio Station WBAI.

Last night during one of our endless fundraiser's a dear volunteer "good ol'Seth" gave us a new Queer flag. In recent years as many as four or five other Queer banners have been torn down. An employee's locker was defaced with the word "Fag", and incidents of homophobia that occurred on the air, and in our offices were overlooked.

Real Swell.

Anyway as you can see our Hero's the Rt. Reverend R.P.Martin, and Nurse Pickles,..Canadian Navy Ret., unfurl the new station rainbow banner. Your dear Uncle Sydney can also be glimpsed.

Although I personally have problems with the dreary, reactionary, unimaginative mainstream so-called gay community. I shall overlook these objections for the sake of revolutionary solidarity. ...ahem


Anonymous said...

Do you think that most modern gays with their current agendas are worthy of respect? I don't even call myself gay any more since whatever the fuck it is they think they are... well I am not that at all! I am so disgusted that I don't even care if they all die of AIDS. Maybe there are 5% out there who call themselves gay who are decent and thoughtful people. The rest are fucking worse than pigs. The exact reverse was true 30 to 40 years ago.

Stan said...
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Stan said...

Stan said...
I agree Sydney with your cynicism regarding the gay community. I feel so out of touch from it that I don't even know what or where it is anymore. (I'm an old geezer too). But if that flag bothered some people that they had to take it down and do whatever to it, I say good for you! Put it the hell back up there and be proud. This "anonymous" persom saying: "I don't even care if they all die of AIDS" is so wrong.

sidneylann995 said...

Well like I sez I'm overlooking my searing contempt for them annoying, rightwing, neo-fascist mooks that has destroyed the dangerous Queer Conspiracy of World Conquest, and Choir Boy Worship!


Although playful fantasies concerning their just punishments, fav involves an industrial strength woodchipper, a pair of pliers, and blow torch.

While these harmless fantasies are an understandable reaction to them "False-Fags" That have destroyed the very concept of the "Sexual Outlaw".

Nevertheless wishing an AIDS death upon them is perhaps a tad over the top. Lets just use red hot hooks, and leave it at that.

And Another Thing!

Like I ranted on my real pervert page Inkplum,...see link. Anyay like I raved,...we needsd a new gawddamned flag!

Something unsafe, un-pretty, and totally offensive to them that would shove us all into ovens given the opportunity!

I don't care how many fag cable channels pop up or how many nice liberals get awards from glaad they 'really' wants us all dead.


So lets drink a bunch'a whiskey, and take lots of angle dust, and come up withsomthing that could never be put on a corporate poster.

Extra points for anything involving big cocks, destruction of property, animals, or boy scouts.

...of course I mean all this in a 'nice' way.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Seth! Long may she wave. Lady Susan