Friday, May 2, 2008

"Shut Up!"

Will somebody please shove a giant dick into this lunatic's mouth! Good grief did Hillary arrange this madness. ...I hears she hired the hall. Swell, Obama's insane pastor goes on a tear. He piss's on the country, Obama, and the universe with his demented 1970's "Blaxpolitation hate sermons".

Yes comrads black people can be stupid, supersitious bigots like everyone else. The unfortunate Rev. Wright proves it everytime he manages to get that giant honking cock out of his mouth.

(Ahem,...nothing wrong with "Honking big Cocks btw,..umph!)

Perhaps super glue or maybe steel clamps or better yet maybe we can weld his go-ddammned trap shut for the frigg'n duration. Com'on there has to be some footage 'somewhere' of him butt fucking choir boys that we can put on youtube.

(Nothing against butt fucking or choirboys either, but ya see what I means here.)

Crap! Will this endless fucking awful primary pleeeese stop!

Hillary you greedy demented She-Devil! 2/3's of da Amerikan people hates ya guts. You will 'never' be Empress so,..Fuck da Hell off!

...and take that lying, two timing, booze hound of a husband with you!!

McCain you old loon step up to the plate, and do your worst. Maybe after his landslide victory President Obama will appoint you to our consulate in Hell.

Dammit let's just get this damned thing overwith so we can get on with the 21st Century finally!!

'Course I mean all of the above in a nice way.


d. chedwick said...

I feel bad for Obama -- he is stuck with this Insane Rev--
and Hilary so sweetly says "Well, I would have stopped going to that church, I can't imagine WHY Barack continued to go to that church .... "

Obamam wants to discuss isssues and they want to crawl thru his past personal life.

Bodmin said...

Are you guys serious or delirious? Wright is the only person (M/F) in any way remotely connected with the imperial sweepstakes who knows - or at any rate, says - the truth about America's situation. Wright for President!

With his hopehopehopehopehope mantra Obama is not discussing issues. When he is cornered he is as bad as the other two candidates. All three want to attack Iran. He is as subservient to "our stalwart ally" Israel and its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians (ok, I will not use the G or H words, although they are fully justified) as Clinton is (and probably even more than McCain). He intends to "replace" the combat troops in Iraq (when circumstances permit; he, like Clinton, assumed the "surge" was going to work; well, check the current stats) with "follow-up forces"; what's the difference between that and McCain's 100 year war? He calls Islam a "hate-filled religion" (and what is Christianity filled with? Shit? Well, maybe that too...).

It's like the shell game that graduates of Attica used to play on folding tables in the old Times Square, when it was still a people's paradise: except that the pea of American imperialism is under every shell!

And Wright dares to say that is the problem...

Don't know about Chedwick, but I know Uncle Sid is old enough to remember the last time an "outsider" ethnic was elected president on a campaign of hope. Yea, Saint JFK. He led America into Nam, brought the world closer to nuclear incineration than any other world leader ever has, supported the mafia and fruit producer's war on Cuba - and didn't do a bloody thing for civil rights or the poor (that was his successor...). Thanks, but I'll skip Obama's Camelot in burnt cork.

Not that any of this will matter. No way the heirs of the Democratic party machine will allow Obama to be the candidate. Super delegates, you know. And anyhow, BushCheney will preempt all the candidates by attacking Iran in late September, early October, and suspending the elections. Temporarily. Their Supremes will approve this - of course, only for the duration of hostilities (but then, the War on Terror is endless!). And I am told that the police in the area around the Imperial Capital are already practising how to deal with any Americans stupid enough to try demonstrating against this final move to the American Empire. And American domestic security forces don't practise for things nobody is thinking about...

sidneylann995 said...

Um,...was it something I said?

sidneylann995 said...

Okay you really deserve a serious reply, but can I hold off for a few more daze.

I really feel like crap lately so am only good for annoying one liners right now.

Bodmin said...

Lucky you to be good for one liners! I can never come up with them until at least ten minutes after I could have used them!

We do have a cabaretier here (translation: stand-up comedian with a political edge)who is never at a loss though. He recently suggested that the coalition of Liberals (the European kind, conservatives without religion) and fascists that is being proposed for the next elections, presently looking for a name, should be honest and call themselves the Fat Frightened White People's Party, and predicted their electoral triumph, because we have so many fat, frightened white people here.

That's America's problem - and Obama's problem - too: you have two parties, both of which are Fat Frightened White People's Parties. Anybody who wants to run for president has to pledge himself to them, and govern with them in mind. Which is why your good local Chinese take-away will always be priced out, not to mention why the war in Iraq will go on until America finally gets its ass kicked again.

Yesterday evening, just as I was quitting for the night, a group of Americans (probably summer school students at the university a few blocks over, on an orientation week) came up the street and saw the "WANTED: GEORGE BUSH INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST" poster in my office window. One found it so extraordinary she had to get a picture of it with her camphone to send to the folks back home. The leader of the group explained that 'it is hard for Americans to understand how much the rest of the world hates him', and another of the group bleated, "But why? We are just trying to help them!"

I suspect Obama knows that is bullshit - Wright certainly does - but he can't say it or act on it. Nor will anyone be able to do anything to change America as long as the majority of the FFWPP continue to be able to excuse their agenda with that lie.

Not that I am against Obama; his policies may not be any better than the others, but his very presence in the White House would get the wind up the FFWP, and that's worth it. Not that I can help accomplish it; I was declared civilly dead twenty some years ago.

But I have a secret hope: maybe, after an Obama administration betrays all their hopes, in a few years those who voted for him will be ready to take some REAL political action, like my generation did - and maybe, unlike my generation, they won't stop too soon.