Thursday, May 15, 2008

"I Have Such a Headache!"

Aw man what a time to quit Heroin. Don't ya just hate being sick. Especially when ya got's no idea what wrong. All I know is I'm dizzy, yucky, and shit hurts.

This could be a problem if this happens to me out in the middle of Iraq. Oh yeah I'm trying to get to Iraq. It's a long story. Consult my Inkplum blog for all the delirious details.

Crap, now there's sweats. I had them eariler, but now their get'n serious. Aw bleep it. Well I has to stay up a bit longer, get to the bank, pay bills, and maybe do the laundry.

Forget the laundry.

I'm going to crash as soon as I finish my banking, and breakfast. It must be all the stress of the job, my home life, and the end of the world as we knew it. All that stuff gangs up on ya if ya not careful.

Watch the Skies!


Cannibal said...

Three words - Grass Pollen Allergies.
Those Killer Bees are coming to sting you and take all the pollen they can. Just let'em, m'kay?

sidneylann995 said...

'Can't they just take the damned pollen, and leave me alone?!

Bee's, never liked them,..always talking behind my back!