Friday, May 9, 2008

"On Bob Fass's Show" ...Wbai


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! Bob Fass is still around? He did a show called "Radio Unnameable" on BAI in the 60s! I remember going to a "be-in" he called spontaneously one night on his show for all to show up out at the International Arrivals Building at JFK and we were cheering all the newly landed people as they came through the swinging doors from the customs area totally bewildered. Great guy! Lots of great shows. Tell him T. Titus Crotch from Gizmo Glaucoma Productions says hello!

Anonymous said...

That should be Gizmo Glaucoma from Compendium Cliche Productions. T. Titus Crotch was his friend.

Anonymous said...

I remember one show in which he interspersed segments of tape playing backwards which I had recorded and when played backward it was a string of obscenities like "fuck", "shit" and so forth. Is he still up to his old tricks? Pray tell Sidney!

sidneylann995 said...


Bob is still Bob, and the show is still called "Radio Unnameable". Glad ya out there, and I'll tell Bob you dropped by.

Also I seem to remember "Compendium Cliche Productions".

Btw go to the link to my Youtube page. I have a bunch of WBAI things, some with Bob you might like.