Friday, May 23, 2008

"High Tea"

Next time I decide to be born on Earth I'm going to be a Japanese lady. Such neat style, and you don't even have to be gaie to wear it.

You get to be all wrapped up in colorful silks, and hang out in swell gardens. You, and your Nippon gal pals sit around all day reciting poetry, and eating cookies. That, and arranging weird flowers.

What's not to like?


d. chedwick said...

It's a nice style alright--really pretty. A Sari is also a gorgeous outfit --and a nice Shalwar Kameez is worn by both sexes and is VERY comfortable--you can get a S.K. made especially for you on Lexington Ave around 29th street. The nice thing about Indian clothes is they were made to be worn in the heat, and yet are stylin'

I do want to get some kimonos, though.

uncle1950uncle said...

Yep that's the truth!

Parts of India are like New York all year 'round. So they dress for the heat. Perhaps in the new climate we should adapt some of their styles over here.

As for kimonos they're the cat's meow. No offense to Dennis. Kimomos are my secret desire.

If I were younger, and still had my girlish figure I'd already have a few stashed away for those special occasions.

Ya know like the opening day of the baseball season, local board meetings, and walking my dog.

As it is I have to make do with my little Japanese dolls, and assorted action figures.