Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Below Zero!"

I went out today into what I thought would be semi-spring like weather,..despite the snow storm. Well gang it's below 0!, Zero degrees f. with the wind chill. Nearly got frostbite taking these stupid snaps.

Click on the top one for a better look at the Statue of Irony.


Zaek said...

That's very beautiful snow. Sounds fricking cold there. It's only raining here, but my feet get wet.

Statue of Irony, indeed!

Lino in commie New York said...

My vote is for the bottom pic w/the limed park light.

What is saddening about this photo is how generic the architecture has become. It could be the harbor of any built-up Podunk anywhere in the world.

In some areas of the world such as Bangkok, this style is thought to represent a new outlook and hope for a more prosperous and egalitarian society. Placed in New York, it's a steaming pile from the Walmart School.

Zaek said...

I have to agree with Lino. One of my complaints about the contemporary world is its abysmal lack of the visionary in architecture and civic design. A culture's buildings reflect its mindset, and those of our post-Le Corbusier world are square in more ways than one.

I once witnessed a Thai attempt to achieve a new proportional variation on the classic theme of the Corinthian column. It was hilarious, like a horse with elephant's ears.