Thursday, April 2, 2009

"More Rain"

i need a vacation,...bad!

enuff. i mean e-fuck'n-nuff.


Lino said...

Amazing how quickly one's thoughts turn from survival to the bourgeois:-)

It's a sign of returning health.


Cannibal said...

Snow flakes on opening day, or station flakes on every day? Pal, you gotta buck up! You've been in that WBAI cult far too long. You think they're coming for the station? It's the crowd that couldn't shoot straight. Changing locks isn't such a hard task, it would only take me an hour tops. Don't only hire one locksmith for 20 doors, okay?

Zaek said...

Vacation: I was sort of getting that impression. To be honest with you, I was kinda disturbed by those last few posts over on BQ. They suggest you're going through some heavy duty shit.

You mentioned a while ago that your sister or another relative offered to send you on a vacation somewhere, I seem to recall it was down in Florida. If the offer still stands, and if the station will let you take some time off, how about taking her up on it?

If you do get the chance, I suggest you don't go to Disney World or some other fake happy place: too weird, too unreal. I'd go to an out-of-the-way beach town or a funky-but-not-too-funky Adirondacks resort or some other down-to-earth but relaxing spot where you can hang out and chill for a while, I mean really chill. A spa with hot springs and massage wouldn't be overdoing it.

I've enjoyed the services of head-shrinkers in the past. If you have the option, I'd consider that too. This be some heavy stuff, you know?

Uncle 2012 said...


Uncle 2012 said...

Hello Lino, and all!

"...from survival to the bourgeois:-)"

Yes, indeed yes. This 'is' amazing.

I remember reading somewhere about a Dutch woman interred by the Japanese in Java.

After the British liberated her camp she went from harsh brutality to a three start hotel in Perth.

All that in a mater of a few weeks.

So from eating rats to room service in days.

Amazing indeed.