Monday, April 27, 2009

"That's More Like It"


Uncle 2012 said...

What can I say.

Sometimes I go to extremes.

R K W said...

Looks like a Chicago winter to me!

Did you check out my new post?

Anonymous said...

Iceburg right ahead!!!!

Mr. Chips

Anonymous said...

bay the way what have they been doing at the world trade center for 7 or 8 years !

Uncle 2012 said...


It was a big rusty hole in the ground while the vested interests fucked up.

Every summer for a few years now I'd do a story on this blog about that hole.

Last summer there were just a few guys there. They were sitting around reading the sports pages.

Dust was blowing around the crater, and no work whatever was going on.

The corner stone was removed and stored in a mob garage in Queens.

The time capsule that was in it was stolen btw.

Anyway now that the big money crowd, and the mob have finally worked out their percentages work has started,...eight years late.