Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"My Cute Crap"


Lino said...

Well, it's nice to see some things that survived the purge, but disgraceful that your life was disrupted and so many possessions scattered to the wind.

This is -still- a very unjust world.

Anonymous said...

Love to see uyou getting settled
in guy. Nice old wheelS!

Mr. Chips

Uncle 2012 said...

My pals at the radio station let me store several small boxs of my stuff there.

So as I told my sister today all of my worldly possessions could be put in one suitcase now.

On the up side now I can get TONS! of new crap!

Thanks for your kind words through these months btw.

Bless you.

♥ Braja said...

Oh my dear friend how nice to see you after so long...sorry I've missed some of your posts but the accident took weeks out of me...and i LOVE that first photo...i might use it, and the credit will be all yours :)

Anonymous said...

sid you have some real cool things
it"s nice you are up and runing at your new home

Anonymous said...

P S, Sid you are still a big kid ,
but we love you for it, hugs from Ant in England

Uncle 2012 said...

Greetings my dear Lino, Chips, ♥ Braja and Ant!

Thanks for the luv comrades. It's sustained me through my adventures. I'm very happy we're all here together.

Mr. Internet's wonderful invention is a miracle that brings so many good souls together.

The porn ain't bad either!

..yes dear "Ant" a big kid I am, and hope to remain!


Uncle 2012 said...

Hi ♥ Braja!

I've missed you too. Sorry I haven't commented. I was content just to read for a time. My love, and assorted prayers to, and for you!

As long as you're there being Braja that's enough.