Thursday, April 9, 2009


Lino said...

Oh well that grinder will solve your record collection storage problem.

I have some parts left of a unit I bought in early 1967 on Canal st. It was a mini 45rpm phono..and it was actually gentle on records. The device measures approx 4W X 6L and 1 1/2 high. The drive was a vertical puck that drove the underside of the record and the ceramic pickup in very light tonearm actually worked without damaging records. It tracked at about 2 grams...even had variable speed control.

Japan of course.


Uncle 2012 said...

Hi Lino,

Sounds like just the thing I could use now.

This time 'round I'm going light on "stuff". My digs will remain mostly zen empty.

So no giant tv or complicated sound system.

I got used to living without these toys, and seemed to have lost the desire for them.

Small, and simple this time.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sidney, It's been ages but I am greatly heartened to hear that you now have an apartment to dwell in. My latest news is that the Brooklyn Lauerate, Ken Siegleman, has chosen me to give a reading of my poems and rants next month. It's happening at Barnes & Noble in Brooklyn and I am very honored and very scared to have a half hour to perform my work. Keep me in your prayers. Lady Susan