Saturday, April 25, 2009


After eight years the corrupt bastards that have stolen all the 9/11 dough, and fucked up all the designs are doing their frigg'n job. They've finally broken ground, and are slapping nut'n bolts together!

WTC Building No. 3 is slowly rising out of the pit like a Martian war machine from "War of the Worlds".

WTC No.3 is that pile of black girders in the middle of the second snapshot I took this afternoon. (Click on the photos to enlarge.) Not what I'd call impressive,..yet. Btw did you know that they threw up the Empire State Building in a year? Each of them recent asian mega structures in about the time time or less.

So much for us being an empire of the past. The future is in Asia. China, India, and Japan own our balls, and that's that. On the up side though we get cheap sneakers.


Lino said...

Sydney, those countries have -lousy- or no work rules. Dozens die on each of those mega-rises and there is nothing their loved ones can do about it. Bribery rules.

As for their economic future...well..Henry Kissinger (Nixon's court J) stated that the Soviet Union would win the Cold War because of their "discipline" and unified government (dictatorship) and that it was his job to negotiate the best second place he could.

Don't be fooled by the gloss of Asia, -all- of those regimes are rotten to the core..that includes by much loved second home Thailand.

Those countries will always be teetering on the brink of political and economic upheaval while corruption rots them from within.

The republicans have badly damaged our economy but -this- country can rebound like no other....

..And Americans are once again saving!!

Uncle 2012 said...

"-this- country can rebound like no other...."

From your key board to gawds email addy.

Also I hope you're right about the "Great Paper Tiger" that is 21st Century Asia.

Btw my brother R&R'd in Bangkok during the war. 'Said it was a "wild west" town then.

Anyway always swell to hear from you.


Uncle 2012 said...

"..And Americans are once again saving!!"

You can say that again. The only folks I see shopping are the touistas from europe.

I'm saving my pennies for the first time in this century. So is everyone I know.

No eating out or shows. No stupid toys. No high end geegaws.

More debit cards that credit cards.

These are all good signs.

Personal responsibility is becoming fashionable again!