Monday, April 6, 2009

"...a dream"

All my experiences from the last few years certainly the last several months are catching up with me.

Hey I'm good,..just a bit nuts so no change there I guess.

I'm in my new home, but I still think It's someone else's. I'm still trying to get used to being a person again. Strange is what I'd call my current life.

Very strange.

These last seasons have been filled with dangers, despairs, hopes, and surreal adventures. I think I'm, supposed to be dead. I'm sure of that.

Perhaps of exposure on one of those cold nights I slept on the streets or I 'was' killed in that mugging.

Maybe so.

What's happened since. My being rescued by family, getting my health back, finding a new home. All these things are shadows.

The reality is I'm still in that alley on the ground bleeding to death. That or curled up in a doorway or in Liberty park succumed to hyperthermia.

What I've lived in the pass sixty days was, 'is' a dream within the few seconds before my death.

I have a fear I'll wake up at the very last moment. It will be night, it will be cold. I take a ragged breath, and drift into eternity.

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Uncle 2012 said...

Okay so I was having a bad night.

I feel better today.