Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Anywhere can be Home"

I came across the above art, and fell in love with it. Click to enlarge it. It looks like a subway car traveling under the ocean with an "Eloise" kind of character in it.

It all looks so cozy, and peaceful.

This is just what I want my new home to feel like, underwater subway car with a fictional little girl living in it.

Well not literally, but ya gets my drift maybe. Comfort, peace, tidiness. This is what I want. On the other hand a sink full of dishes. Dirty laundry everywhere, nothing in it's place, and a pile of bills on the kitchen table has it's virtues. So far so good.

All is ship shape, and tidy at "Sydneyhause". My furniture or at least some of it has arrived. Now I needs pots'n pans, and dishes. This closely followed by food.

(My tiny, but cute dinner table)

I'm figuring out my household budget. My gawd the life of a hause frau is hell! Everything is 'too' expensive. Either I get HBO or food. An impossible choice!

Hummm, maybe I could start a small business on the side to cover the cost of such luxuries as medications, clothing, and books.

My oldtime 1930's radio, above, and two surviving pieces from my kaleidoscope collection. I've decided not to acquire too much "stuff" this time around. So what I have now is enough.

Speaking of stuff my dinner table, seen in the "Sydneyhause Ballroom" above, apparently opens up to accommodate more guests.

I still haven't figured out how to unlock it. Well no problem. I have till Thanksgiving to break this wooden code.

About my hause budget I have a few ideas to make dough, hey I'm an artist ya know. I'll get back to you on this.

Bourgeois Redux!

Six weeks ago I was a member of the new social category the "middle class homeless". I slept outside, but still had a job, even insurance.

Only in America.

Anyway from that horror to complaining to the painters. I couldn't stand that burnt orange stuff they slapped on the walls with that weird fogging business at the baseboards.

Again,..only in America.

I had them come back, and fix the damage. At this stage of the game I prefer quiet neutral tones. I've had enough adventure lately,..thank you very much.

Anyway they was cool about it, and all's well.

That's me neo-Bourgeois!


..yeah I know it ain't Christmas.

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poetreader said...

That room in the subway car belongs to a boy. THAT would make it perfect.