Thursday, April 23, 2009

"They Walk Among Us"

Zombies! Or to put it another way. The "people" in the other apartments. I guess it's the same in all large cities the world over. Your neighbors are just shadows that pass you on the stairs.

Perhaps a grunt of recognition,..which means they know you live here, and probably won't kill them.

Well,..yeah okay probably.

I mean so far I've given no one a reason to climb in through my window when I'm asleep, and chop my head off. Btw that's how some of my local neighbor pals like to do the deed.

If this were an Idaho trailer park they'd probably eat my carcass too.

So far so good. Nobody here wants to butcher me, and I'm cool with the undead I meet in the halls, and stairs. Btw, there's a laundry room in the basement. I'm giving that a pass.

Why press my luck.

The family upstairs is Mexican. ...or something. So when they play their music too loud it's okay.

I love Mexican music.

Also I like the sound of their toddler running about,..I love babies. Well, for a while anyway. It's good being an Uncle 'cause you can give the screaming brat back to mommy, and go to the movies.

Parents ain't so lucky.

Btw, I play opera, and Bach at high volume to see if that attracts anyone still alive.

No far no dice.

The building demographics as far as I can figure is typical for the working poor of the Emerald City. Let's see there's Haitians, Mexicans, Chinese some Poles, Romanians, and a few Russians,..I think.

They could be Poles trying to pass.

I may be the only *Brown American "Standard English" speaker in the building. 'Least I haven't heard my language spoken in the hall yet. Crap I may be the only native born Yank on the block.

New York was always a point of entry to the land of the free.

..and hell.

Anyway my new home is an 80 year old apartment house somewhat well kept by NYC standards. Which means by "normal" values it's a hellhole.

..but a nice hellhole.

More later,..if I'm not beheaded.

*(Blacks are becoming more racist against Browns. So I've stopped calling myself black. What can I say it's complicated.)


Lino said...

One bit of advice, plug up -all- holes everywhere ie: pipe entry's spaces at the floor line.

The tenant roster you outline are notorious for roaches and worse, bedbugs.

trust me on this one, I have a number of Mexican friends, have been to many of their apts, repaired stereos, tv's and computers (I'am an easy mark)the amount of vermin I have seen is truly awful.

I can't understand how their units are near spotless yet so infested.

Do be careful.

Uncle 2012 said...

'Got that covered!

The contractors that remade my hovel into an apartment did a swell job of bug proofing.

They know the score on that little problem, and took care of it.

Everything is sealed.

It's like the space station in here. So far so good. No wildlife.


Their home are sweet, very pretty, spotless,..yet.

R K W said...

Got it!
You are quite the witty one!

I would hope you look at my blog and choose to follow. . . or not.