Saturday, April 25, 2009

"1968 Olds"

While aimlessly wandering around tonight I ran into a swell 1968 Olds. The kind of car that'll never be build again.

Anyway it's unnaturally hot for spring. The streets are full of freaked out proles, and clueless tourista's, and I bumps into my dream car.

It was parked right outside the "Fed",..where they keeps all the gold, and where the guards walks around with M-16's. Hey life in wartime kiddies. Well it had a Fed sticker on it so some gold wonk owns the wheels.

The only sort that could afford one these daze.


Uncle 2012 said...

Dear Santa,

I want this car.

I have been a good Queer Pacifist Pornographer,...all year!

I also never want to pay taxes ever again.

Thank you.

Little Sidney

PS, How is Mrs. Santa, and your companion Bruce.

R K W said...

Classic car! I drove one (in the day) but it has long rusted out and been buried in some metal graveyard, I'm sure.

Love the comment from "Uncle".

Cannibal said...

Thirty-cent a gallong petrol, and all the free-love babes you could get. I was 10 yrs old back then, so naturally I missed out on so much.