Saturday, April 26, 2008


Yes it's a new day at "WBAI" the Peoples Radio Station! Your beloved Uncle Sidney has been put in charge of the "Peoples Ice Cream Committee". Now that the extremeist nut jobs that have bankrupted Wbai have been consigned to the "dust bin" of history,...thank you Mr. Trotsky.

The politically correct race nuts, and commies have got the boot. They've been voted off our governing board,...finally,..mostly. A "Prague Spring" reigns up, and down the once dreary socialist realist studio's, and halls of our historic radio station. Hey we was founded by Pacifists ya know. Unfortunately later taken over by jive race nationalists, and stalinists.

However like my flirtation with sodomy all that is behind me now!

One of the first acts of the newly Democratic Wbai is to install an ice cream machine in our staff lounge. Your beloved Uncle,..that's me, has been rehabilitated from outer party "Non-Person" status to full Committee Commissar!, in this case I was apparently named "Peoples Commissar of the Frozen Treats Directorate Sub-committee to the Progressive Presidium of the Local Station Board".

( beats re-education camp)

Our work group will at once canvas our esteemed radio workers as to their favorite flavors. If these are approved by the Presidium, and it's associated peoples delegates from the "Revolutionary Health Food Collective" we'll be in "Cherry Garcia", and "Chunky Monkey" heaven!


Anonymous said...

Well this is great news indeed! I tuned out when Eutrice Leid started to take over the place and never went back.
Any chance of hearing from our old buddy Hakim B. once again on a regular basis?
I may even stop by for a Cherry Garcia when you get the machine up and running.

sidneylann995 said...

Give us till fall then come around. We're in transition from a punitive to an open culture here at the People's Radio Station.

You may hear a number of bleeped up programs as after shocks from our era of narrow, hostile leadership.

Oh! Cheery Garcia! I can hardly wait. I plan to inaugurate our ice cream machine on my show.

I'll deposit some coins, and get the first dixie cup of "Chunky Monkey" in WBAI history.

Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! Maybe I can kidnap Hakim B. and paddle down the Hudson with him in a pirate canoe!
This day has been a long time in coming Sid! I never thought I'd live to see it.