Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Bed'n Trek"

Okay it ain't "House Beautiful", but it's mine. As I said thanks to family, and dear comrades I've swell new stuff!

A bed, a chest, an air conditioner, and toys!

What more could I want?!

Well okay I still haven't shopped for curtains or blinds or quilts yet. Hey com'on I'm a guy. Also I want to keep possessions to a minimum.

Indeed I'm on the border, I think, of too much stuff now!

It creeps up on you. One day everything's fine. You can see your baseboards, and nice polished floors. Next thing ya know it's *Collier's brothers time.

*(Two famous NYC apartment hermits that were buried alive under tons of their own junk back in the 1930's or 40's.)

All in all It's probably a bad idea going in 'that' direction.

(Aw crap! Now that I look at it here the bed 'does' look awful! I've been told. Yeah 'guess I'm going to have to get the "Martha Stewart Treatment" for the room after all.)

Speaking of ripping off your fans. I hope the new "Star Trek" flick ain't a stinker. Com'on there ain't been a 'good' one since "Wraith".

Make an old man happy,...don't blow it again!

(..Click on all the images to see them soggy'n up close. The "U.S.S. Enterprize model at this post's top looks way cool enlarged!)


Cannibal said...

Air Conditioner!
That's right, you overheated Summer! Take that!

Uncle 2012 said...

My gawd I've now got the best a.c. I've ever had!

I turn that sweetie on, and the whole place is frosted over.

Damn you humid NY heat waves!!

Do your worst!

You can't touch me!!!

Lino said...

"I turn that sweetie on, and the whole place is frosted over."

You sure you not a Joo?

I ask because they like the air frigid, the better that the women can wear their mink stohl into June.

I was a child model/actor. In the summer we did the fall-winter clothes...the studios were so cold the air seemed blue!

Well as the late Zero Mostel said in "the Producers" "when you got..flaunt it baby, flaunt it".

I rest my case.


BTW: Zero is my Godfather...the joke was when he came to my baptism, a warning light would flash at ST Ignatius' door warning of "invasion".

R K W said...


Beam me the bed, Scotty!