Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Draco II"

Draco Malfoy visited the temporary Sydneyhause in the historic Brooklyn Bridge 'hood. Such a well mannered lad. He commented on the tidiness of my tiny, but comfy digs. Also he was fascinated, by my view of the Navy Yard sludge vats.

That's him above being very polite not to comment on the smell. ..the sludge ya know. Sadly Harry is still missing in action. We had a moment of silence, and then ate Ringdings in dear Harry's honor.

I'm very hopeful that our missing hero will turn up one day.

Stay tuned.


Uncle Sidney said...

...what are we without our dreams, and fantasies?

Zaek said...

So glad you found those dolls. Draco is a lovely boy, needing the guidance of a firm but gentle hand.

Uncle Sidney said...

Firm indeed.

However as I say he was a good boy,...this time.

However believe me I've no problem with warming his naughty buns for him if I have to.


Fida said...

They look very exquisite! Keep on dreaming - I do too, though not about dolls, grin!

Zaek said...

Just to let you know Sidney, I've downloaded some of your sky photos over the (Hudson?) river. I really like them. If you don't mind, I'd like to use a few of them in some photoshop paintings I'm working on.

Uncle Sidney said...

Hi Fida,

"We're innocent when we dream"

Tom Waits

Uncle Sidney said...

Hey Zaek,

No problem. Download whatever you like. That goes for all my readers.

I'm happy for all my stuff, articles, drawings, and photos to be spread far'n wide.

Btw let me know how your paintings turn out.

Stay tuned.