Sunday, February 1, 2009

"What I saw, where I was"

These are a few more snaps from my times on the streets of the Emerald City. The machine room above was my "home" for a very noisy week or so.

Amazing what one can get used to when you have no choice.I slept in the orange cart. It was actually somewhat comfy, at least compared to hard wood or plastic benches.

Yeah it was hell on skates, but I'm okay. I mean it's nothing that 20 years of therapy, and serious meds can't fix.

Btw ya noticed how they never give ya the 'good' stuff. All the meds I get have the fun factor of root canal. Not a jolly hit in the pack.

However like everything that supposed to be for "your own good" it's covered with guilt, and tastes like cardboard.

Aw man I wish I could be a cocaine addict again. It was fun! Expensive, suicidal, and crawling with evil spirits,..but fun while it lasted.

These daze when I want to push the envelope I go over to *Juniors in Brooklyn, and picks up one of them swell cheese cakes!

Man that's heaven!

(*Juniors is a legendary eatery in Brooklyn known especially for it's cheese cake. Don't bother with that outlet they just opened in "Duce",..known to the rubes as Times Square.

That clip-joint is just a fake, thin, over priced copy for the turista's.

'Real' gothamites puts on their kevlar, goes over the bridge to Brooklyn, and risk their butts for the real deal! It's worth it too.)

The "BK" mentioned by the scary Negro in this video means Brooklyn. Colored people loves Cheesecake! We also likes 'not' being shot 40 times in the back by racist cops too.

...but the Cheesecake is up there!

Loves that cheese cake!

Obama should make this the "National Desert!". After that he can put Duke Ellington on the $100 dollar bill, Jackie Robinson on the $20, and Mahalia Jackson on the $50!

Now that I think of it it's high time Moms Mabley had her own first class stamp! "Pig Meat Markum ought to get one'a them too! these names if ya don't know'em. Learn ya history, the 'real' history of your country while you're at it.

These nice white guys in the next video below never mention how much 'we' loves cheesecake. In fact if you only watched this promo you'd never know that 99.99999% of their customers was one sort or another of swell peoples of colors,..including me.


garbled said...

Haven't heard much of Duke Ellington, but i like muchly what i've heard of Nina Simone: put her on the single, so everyone can be reminded...

Zaek said...

Sounds like you need pot! Good old hippie mellow medicine. I need it too, but it's gotten so expensive and I haven't the foggiest where to get it. As you know, cocaine is *terrible* for you. As you may also know, big pharma is highly self-interested and downright evil. Just ask Dr. Andrew Weil.

Didn't know about the blacks-and-cheesecake thing. Just so happens I like cheesecake too, and I am melaninomically challenged. As a kid I loved key lime pie, and learned to make it quite well. Haven't done that in many a year.

I love the idea of putting Duke Ellington on the hundred dollar bill. When I went to France long ago I was delighted to find that the 20-franc note had a nice picture of the painter Eugene Delacroix. We ought to so honor our artists. 'Course they prob'ly don't have francs now.

Uncle Sidney said...

Nina on the buck!

Good thinking, " everyone can be reminded".

Uncle Sidney said...

Yeah been off coke for some years now. Sure it was fun till I overdosed a few times.

Evil spirits are all over that stuff!

As for cheese cakes in most of their varieties,..the pineapple version I'll pass on.

Other than that little experiment Cheese Cake proves there is a G-d, and that she like us.


Yeah it's high time we started honoring our artists, trouble makers, and assorted hipster Angels that have made us all we are.

I think Walt Whitman ought to be on savings bonds.

Them cool kats that started the Living Theater, Judith Malina, and Julian Beck ought to be on the new silver half dollars.

One on each side.

Also Geronimo should be on the quarter, again so we don't forget.

That Cathoic Worker Peacenik Dorothy Day goes on the dime.

Btw she'll be a Saint one day. The rightwing church has tried to ignore her.

However about 10 years ago they were forced by public opinion to name her "Servant of G-d.

The first step in the process. As was leaked from church officialdom:

"...the intention is to leave her there for perhaps a century.."

Right, bleep the church.

They've made witch burners, and jew killers saints overnight, but the 'real' Saints well...

Did I say bleep the church?