Friday, February 20, 2009

"Better Humor!"

Here's the deal,...I sign the lease on monday. My adventures in the realms of the dispossessed are somewhat over. Now comes the problem of choosing the right curtains.

Good grief, talk about anti-climax,..I think. This has all happened so quickly. Boom, bam thank you sam! Anyway the sanding of floors, the installing of fixtures, plastering, painting, and hacking is my job for the next couple'a month.

I'm going to be calling in all those pledges from assorted pals to fix my new digs up. Did I mention as promised I'm painting my door a cute shade of blue? Well that, and I'm designing a nice "Sydneyhause" sign/plaque to put on the front of my door.

Thanks to all for the love, and support through this deranged nightmare!

Stay Tuned.


Cannibal said...

"If you've got a heart
then Gumby's a part
of you...."

Zaek said...

Hoo-ray! I bet all that sanding and painting and sweating will do you good - it'll feel like it's really your place. If I were in NYC instead of at the unstable end of the continent I'd be glad to help out, if only for the pastries I hope you'll share with your pals. A few beers would be nice too. :-)

I'm going to make an entertainment suggestion on your Sidneyhause blog. Hopefully when you settle in you might find it useful.