Friday, February 13, 2009

"Walk'n Around"


Lino said...

I thought of your situation this morning when my Brother told of what one of his friends now faces. Apparently he, his wife and son gave up a rent stabilized apt in Queens and moved into a house on (or near) Church ave owned by his Grandmother to take care of her.

This was three years ago, she died last week -he and family have been informed that the plan is to sell the house and they will have to make "other plans".

What a bunch of shits.

This fellow is an ex-Marine and obviously didn't get anything in writing. I told my Brother to advise that he get a lawyer to do a title search -to make sure the people throwing him out actually have any say in the matter.

With families like these, you don't need enemies.

Hope things are coming together for you.

Lino T

Uncle Sidney said...

By all means have your brother's friend get a lawyer. I've learned the hard way that those taking over the property usually don't have full,..that's "full" authority to sell or lease.

They have to get either court approval, and or complete family agreement.

Too often if a very large sum is involved there are family members that will turn on you or fudge the legalities to cash in.

So get a lawyer.

As for myself things are better as I've posted. I'm off the street. Also soon I hope to get my 'own' as opposed to borrowed digs.

I'm very fortunate to have so many that care. There's countless that don't.