Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Mt. Kitty"

As things seem to be becoming more stable for me I'm thinking about adopting a kitty cat again. Though a robot cat has it's attractions, no vet fees, no cat box.

Still having an actual living little pal wandering around my digs seem a good idea. My only concern is having to leave the sweetheart alone for so long when I work or wander aimlessly about.

Do cats go crazier than usual when their own too much? Also I'm not so sure keeping a little furry person in a house or apartment is a good idea.

My last cat "Gracie", above, was a "free range" or stray cat. She had all of the 'hood to play in. She would never come into the house.

She'd stop at the front door look in, but that was it. She loved her freedom. I wouldn't want to take that away from anyone.

(I want cats like these.)

Stay Tuned.


Fida said...

Exactly my thinking. I am always asked why I don't have any pets. I just can't - I love them too much to leave them some unfamiliar place when I wander the globe.

Zaek said...

I love cats. But I've noticed that cats confined to apartments tend to be neurotic. I fancy most of them need a little bit of outdoor space to play in.

Various dog breeds seem to be associated with characteristic temperaments. Might there be a breed of cat that's better suited to indoor life than another? It might be worth asking someone expert on the subject.

Pets are good for you, I've read. People with someone to cuddle and pet are statistically less prone to heart problems than those without fuzzy buddies. Well, that's what I've heard.

Uncle Sidney said...

The "freedom thing" may ultimately prevent my being adopted by cats.

I need more time to worry about this. Worrying is something I'm unusually good at.

Stay tuned.

Uncle Sidney said...


You out there?

I could use your advice on this one.

Zaek said...

Maybe she's headed for the Himalayas and is meditating on a mountain. ;)