Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Passage to Heaven"

This is my latest find in my search for passages to Heaven. Passages, and assorted doorways to hell are common enough. Have a gander at the link to the lower realms on the right there.

(...look for "Entrances to Hell")

There's plenty of doorway to Hell sites. Oddly there's no site that I've ever seen devoted to the various openings to the Light. So from time to time I post a snapshot of these as I find them.

The above is just off Fulton Street in lower Manhattan. As you can see some are taking advantage of this sudden opening, and are crossing over.

I decided to stay,...I ain't through causing trouble, and complaining yet.

The snapshot below the Fulton opening was in Tribeca,...that one, not as glowing as the new one, stayed for about four days, and moved on.

See my post here from January 22 or was it the 25th? Anyway there's more details, and more pictures.

The thing about them heavenly portholes is that they move, clouds. Whereas the hellholes stay put for centuries at a time.

The Devil is funny that way.

As I say the Heavenly portals open, and close quickly so I'm always on the alert. I'll keep you posted about these things as they crop up.

Stay Tuned.

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