Thursday, June 25, 2009

"...wish I could have a Cat"


Uncle 2012 said...

No pets allowed in my apartment building.

Too bad.

Still maybe a robot cat like they have in Japan.

Are those ever on sale?

Lino said...

No pets at-all?? Not even a bird or Guinea Pig?

Not even a Mexican?:-)

That is really odd.

Uncle 2012 said...

Okay I said I was a "Bigot", but a "nice" one. So easy on my Mexican pals.

Anyway swell to hear from you again Lino. Nope, nada, zip pets allowed in this joint.

Actually speaking of Mexicans yeah they're allowed as half of the folks around here are from down there.

Well there or some assortment of tropical islands, and eastern europe.

As for a cat, well.

One thing though. There's this stray that hangs around on the lawns here abouts. I could adopt him like I did Gracie at my last home.

Gracie refused to enter the house. She always stopped at my front door. Content to sleep in my garden, long as I fed her.

Maybe I can work out a similar deal this this kitty.

Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

I'd send you one of ours, but the Mistress of the House would have my gutse for garters. I would give you the one of the slashing claws, who would cuisinart your landlord should he dare to object.

Mr. Chips