Friday, June 26, 2009


Above is Mercy one of my dear Hippie Artist pals. Sorry for all the backround noise. We were hanging out in the reception space of radio WBAI. That place that despite everything 'still' insists on employing me.

Funny thing, radio stations are amazingly loud places. The really funny thing is that tv stations are louder. Go figure.

Anyway It's good to have pals.

The 'Good' news is that we just raised nearly a $1,000,000. bucks in our spring fund raiser. This after nearly four straight years of failure.

Them folks from the "Head Office" came out from the "Coast", and fired the incompetents. That, and the assorted pro-Jihadist far lefties, and black race nationalist bigots that destroyed our reputation, and drove away our base audience.

As soon as these comrades got booted the dough started coming in again. This was a no-brainer, but hard to do. Them goons were solidly entrenched.

Nothing worse than a family fight.


Zaek said...

Seems to me that for all its madness that radio station is a godsend to you. I wish I had a steady gig like that. So it's good they raised the dough. It's also good they tossed out the psycho extremists.

I get the impression you're out as a BL at work. So it's very heartening to learn that cool hippies like your friend remain pals even in these unfriendly times. Makes me wonder who I would learn were my real friends if I came out. Maybe it's the only way to find out.

Uncle 2012 said...

Well it never occurred to me to be 'in' any closets.

As for my gay or early Queer life I never got much static from my folks.

My mom was in show business for a time when she was very young, and had plenty of Queer pals.

She called them Sissies, and thought they we sweet.

So when it became clear, when I was a little boy, that she has another little Sissy on her hands she didn't freak.

In fact she, and my aunts protected me.

However when I had a few girlfriends that put 'the' fat in the fire.

Funny how that worked out.

Anonymous said...

Did I see one Sidney Smith on the video momentarily about midway through?

So the story was picked up by Al-Jazira, huh? Too bad none of the domestic outlets thought it newsworthy.

Glad they cleaned house there. WEven more glad you survived the purge. Outside consultants tend to fire first and ask questions later.

Mr. Chips