Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Endless Grey"

It's been overcast, and or raining since late April. Swell, and here we are on the verge of July, and no change. The above is the sky from my bedroom window. Mind you I rather this than 90f, and humid which we usually get this time of year.

Still it would be nice to see blue skies, and feel dry winds once or twice before winter comes back. Btw I just had a look at the forecast for the next week or so. Yeah storms, thunder, and grey.

On the up side the upstate reservoirs are full. Of what who knows, but they're full.


Lino said...

Some thoughts on this...I remember June of '72 -rain almost every month though.

Then the opposite..summer of '95 with no rain for at least 7 weeks. You may recall City officials asking people to water the sidewalk trees every day or two.

Well, in a city full of restaurants, at least the rain keeps the sidewalks from stinking.

My friends in Bangkok tell me of frequent knee-deep street flooding near our/my place there. I am sure I'll enjoy this when I go back this summer.

Uncle 2012 said...

Yeah I remember that particular june as well. I caught pneumonia, and almost bought it.

The climate in the nyc area is extreme. The native folks didn't like it either.

They stayed mostly north up the Hudson or west in what's now Pennsylvania.

If I had any brains that's where I should'a moved.

Yes true the rain washes the streets of the stink, and assorted bad guys.

You ever notice that during or after a big rain the streets seem not only cleaner, but safer.

This was especially true back in the 1970's during the major declines here in town. Then again in the late eighties during the Crack Wars.

Btw, Interesting how the Crack Plague solved itself.

The affected died off on their own. They either killed each other, went to prison or died of their addiction.

Someone ought to write a book or do a movie about that terrible blip in U.S. urban history

As for your hometown.

My brother told me about the rains in Southeast Asia.

He, and all of my male cousins fought in Viet-Nam. That, and did R&R in Bangkok, and other places in the region.

Amazing, the things he described. That, and how the folks there accepted it as the way of the world. Sort of like people in Queens accept their floods, and lack of snow removal.

Still it must be a sight to see, and live through.

You be careful out there, and stay in touch. Tell me what's it's like.

Lino said...

"You ever notice that during or after a big rain the streets seem not only cleaner, but safer."

Yep, same with snow or even extreme temps. I guess the muggers feel that anyone worth robbing is safely ensconced indoors.

Crack: In the 80's I worked as a theater tech on/off B'Way. After work my favorite hangout was the Market Diner on 43rd/11th. Getting there was another matter. We carried an 18 inch piece of 1-1/2 in. black iron pipe dubbed "The Peacemaker" after Reagan's latest bomb-toy. I also carried "something else" as a last resort.

The regular muggers were easily dissuaded by a lick of pipe, but the crack heads were truly fearless...I remember what sound that pipe made when it smashed some poor thug's arm.

Where the hell were the police....well the answer came several years later when a cat house in a tenement on tenth bet 45-46th was raided and it was discovered that cops-in uniform had frequented and protected the place. Oh and the cars on the sidestreets were busy too..

"Amazing, the things he described. That, and how the folks there accepted it as the way of the world"

I..think I know what you mean....

There is saying about Thai society: Anything too big to be swept under the rug, becomes part of the furniture.

Truth is that Thai people are outwardly very conservative about sexual matters...but their brand of Buddhism and "sanook" (fun) culture gives them wide latitude w/little guilt.

The down side is of course that any STD roars through the population, but their Gov. lead by The King have been very progressive at both education and offering generic anti retroviral drugs free or at very low cost. Condoms are available everywhere, even at some restaurants!

FWIW: I am American though by fluke of circumstance I was born in Mexico City...Bangkok is something a Thai friend got me involved with..It went something like: Get the "rich" farang to buy this apt so we can live there for little cost.

Sneaky Asians...Love 'em.


PS: Glad to see "the nut house" is getting back on track. No way a signal like that should be ignored.