Thursday, January 10, 2008

"New Robot Clock"

I'm real frigg'n proud of myself this morning. I mean with only 6 neurons still somewhat flickering in my meatloaf I managed to install our new post x-mas robot clock! Neat ain't it. I feel like I just crossed the street by myself for the first time or pissed'n didn't miss the bowl. Aw yes, in times of war, and mayhem the mind reach's back to toilet training victories for comfort. Do I get a lolipop?

Hey I know how this sounds, but ya have to take a bow when ya can. Anyhow I'm looking forward to a new year of annoyance, and piles of bullshit. Also maybe a few candy sprinkles of happiness. Anyway that's da plan. 'Course I'm an old fart so I could just up'n drop dead in the middle of this shebang anyway.

Don't worry I'll give a weeks warning. Enuff time to make 250 ham sandwich's, find a steel drum band that can play Shubert, and find a Catholic Buddhist, Anarchist priest to give me a fitting send off.

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