Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Uncle Sidney, & Gracie da Kat"

Above is your former Emperor, and his faithful kat Gracie. Also depicted is our former Royal banner,...long may she wave. Ah those happy carefree daze of the Royal Republic of Sidneyland. Alas the forces of reaction drove us from the "Imperial Rock Candy Throne". We were forced to flee our summer palace, and take refuge within distant websites.

Even there we were not safe. Those same enemies of fun, and free expression set loose their poisonous virals to cripple, and erase our fragile footholes in those other spheres. Finally friends in the Kingdom of Beethoven took your battle weary, and road worn sovereign, and royal kat in. For this we are ever grateful. Inkplum is re-established, and flurish's more than ever. Also with the final fall of the Royal Republic a new, and wiser "Free Association" has taken root.

Indeed it has been an eventful year for both our good, and loyal subjects, and your former sovereign. Now we are all equal, and proud in our Free Association.

Hail Gracie! Skruffy Kat of Kats!

Btw, go over to my "Bleeding Queers" page. Such a nice name for a blog. Anyway follow the linky. I gots some cute pixs of my toy debris field. Also some insane Hitler, and Osama videos. Like I sez over there I got a nuclear flu datz kill'n me so I posted some deranged bleep.

Jesus will forgive me. Well if not Him then maybe Zeus or Wonder Woman. Probably Wonder Woman will cut me some slack since I've always been a loyal fan'n all.

I just loves Wonder Woman, hope youtube don't delete these gross videos again.

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