Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Canyon Clouds"

I was walking down Maiden Lane the other day just south of number 70 Pine Street. That's the pointy building in the middle of the video. Anyway I was impressed by how the clouds were flying over the canyons of downtown.

That, and the sun coming in, and out from behind the clouds. The golden light opening, and fading again, and again against the buildings. Also the birds. There were many that day. If you look carefully you'll see both the peekaboo spray of sunlight. Take note of the building on the right. Also you'll see a few of the birds,..when I tilt the camera.

(Btw I just added a little something beneath Nurse Pickle's the Hello Kitty dance for peace video. It's in my post,..."My Best Pals" a few items below. I think you'll like it.)

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