Friday, January 11, 2008

"Walking in the Air"


sidneylann995 said...

At the risk of being indicted I just loves pretty choirboyz!

Eh, the "hands to myself", and innocently listening to their beautious voices of course.

Yes, just listening, and not leering or perversely slobbering with lust, and perverted desires or unmentionable fantasies.

No, absolutely none of that deranged, felonious, nasty, Queer letchery whatever.

No, none of that sort of thing at all.


Such lovely singing is it not?

Anonymous said...

Sydney, Wonder if you ever got to hear the chiorboys from 'LIBERA'. I think the cd was put out a couple of years ago..
'Libera... Visions.'
Their follow up one was called 'Angel Voices'.
Perhaps they're even up on YouTube.
They sound unbelievable. Even hardened music fans have taken to them.


sidneylann995 said...

Hi David,

Yeah I've been a fan of Libera's for a year or so now. I got their last cd, and just picked up their dvd a few days ago.

I haven't watched it yet. I saving it for my vacation later this month. However I have watched some of their stuff on youtube.

They're a wonderful bunch!