Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"My Christmas Tree is Still Up!"

"Robocats",...I don't know. It's sort'a like inflatable sex dolls for children. One just doesn't feel right about these little guys. Also above the video are some snaps of my "Genome-Pal" genetic dog-thing-pet hanging out in my 'never to be taken down' X-Mass tree.. See "comment" for details.


sidneylann995 said...

I have no plans to take her down either. I going to get this Christmas thing right if it takes all year!

Btw that's my beany baby, genetic "Genome-Pal" dawg/creature/thing hanging out in the tree. She's perfect. Never have to feed, walk or get her shots.

A marvel of 21st century genetic engineering. What will them Koreans think of next?

The only problem is she talks too damned much. For the first few weeks it was all in Japanese, then some sort'a Hindi, then a weird creole, spanish, french mess.

However after I fed it some spam it started talk'n American. Good grief.

'But like I say she won't shut the fuck up!

I wanna go to sleep, and she wants to chat about what she saw on the "View" that day or what Obama's chances are now that he's lost several primaries.

That or how I'm gaining too much weight, when am I finally going to get a real job or get my prostate examined again.

She then describes in detail what it's like to have butt cancer.

Nice doggie.

I finally had enuff so I put her back in the steel box she came in, but she chewed her way out, and turned on the stereo real loud.

I wouldn't have minded so much, but it was that awful Rap station.

I wonder if I can get her reprogramed to like oldies?

Anyway after she drank all of the christmas booze that was laying around, and ate all the microwave pizza, and cheese whiz she finally came to bed.

'Still don't have a real name for her. Say do these genetic pets have souls or are they really the "spawn of Satan!" like the Pope said the other day.

This after that genetic pet weasel of his bit off his left pinky. 'Don't know why he's so pissed off. I mean they sewed it back on for christ's sakes.

The Swiss Guard shot the little demon 50 times, and it was still alive, and shooting back too.

That's part of their self preservation programing,..they get to shoot back which is why I haven't tried too much rough stuff on my "Genome-Pal",tm, dawg.

Anyway she likes the "Tree" as much as I do so it's staying put.

More on this story as developments warrent.....

Anonymous said...

Sydney, So you're preparing for next Xmas already I see. The season is like childhood.. cant seem to let go of it. I think that you're the real New York Peter Pan.

Iv'e got a new blog coming up soon. Just got to start loading up the pictures and links.

Talking toys.. whats next.


sidneylann995 said...

Good I'm glad you're staying with us,...bless you.

d. chedwick bryant said...

cool that you're leaving your tree up--enjoyed the photography on your toy/flu post. I have been fighting some sort of flu thing all month, probably walking pneumonia by now, ah what is winter without it?

The thick layer of snow I ordered in Nov. has not arrived yet.

Hope you are feeling better, and Obama is on the rise you know!

sidneylann995 said...

Hi Chedwick!

Sorry I haven't been to class. This flu thing just won't leave. the worse symptoms seem to have let up for the past few daze, but now I just sleep all the time.

Yeah it's been a month for me too. I never got this sick when I doing drugs. All that exotic stuff I used to do must have killed off any virus that was stupid enuff to show up in my guts.

That's a D.E.A. secret btw, dope kills the common cold, and flu.

'Glad you liked my sick bed gallery. It was my fevered attempt at art. Hey ya has to work with what ya got.

Yeah I ordered some of that Greenland surplus snow on ebay too. Still ain't come. You noticed that it's snowing all over the place like crazy, even down south. Heck even in Los Angeles! 'But not here.

Snow in L.A.! My gawd these are truly the final days! 'But there's hope! Obama takes South Carolina home of the Confederacy!

The first state to seceed in the Civil War goes for Obama. I think the convention is going to be interesting. My G-ddess this guy might make it!

Caroline Kennedy wrote a moving endorsement for him in the Times on sunday. He's the break with the past that the country desparately needs she said. Just as her father was back in the day.

We may be living in historic times again. Perhaps we should organize a Chedwick U. chapter for Obama, and free catnip.

Stay Tuned.

Kit said...

hi there, i hope you have gotten better. i just took my tree down a few days ago, would have liked having it up all year too but it just collects too much dust. love your gallery tho. get well soon!