Monday, January 14, 2008

"Weatherman Swoons"

It a tuff job reporting on the weather. I mean what with melting ice caps, and killer storms'n such. Then there's them giant man eating roach's. Yeah I'd freak out too.
("Woons?",...alright so I can't spell. I meant "Swoons". Which is what nice ladies in 19th century romantic novels did when overcome by circumstance. Well that or they got the "Vapors". I'm not sure what that might be exactly. 'But I'm guessing it may have something to do with falling helplessly into the arms of the handsome, and charming main character.)


Kit said...

haha he was so butch just seconds before. very funny. saw this a while back and it's still great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney, Hope you're feeling better. Iv'e just put the Snowmen and faeries into hibernation for another year. That diorama cupboard looks so bare now.
I have heard that some people cant bare to take everything down after the twelfth night. I can understand.
Why the happiness for only four weeks of the year.

Anyway it's another year and we're still here for another go on the annual cycle.

Sorry to hear about your recent losses.
So stay healthy and keep looking out for those new toys.


sidneylann995 said...

Hi Kit!

Yeah one moment a butch weather guy the next a screaming Queen! Aw com'on pal it's just a bug for christsakes.

I'd hate to see our royal buddy here if a mouse had crawled up his pants. Now that would be a prize blooper disc.

Don't misunderstand I loves Queens. Infact if you go to Inkplum it's "Sissy Boy Month" over there.

It just that our friend here was so classic is all,..peace!

sidneylann995 said...

Hello David!!

Thanks for coming by. I'm happy to hear from you. I also hope "ai" will visit again one day. Be good to have the gang together again.

Oh, but where the hell are my manners. Kit this is David. David, Kit. If you haven't gone to each other's pages yet please do. You'll love it!

'But yeah. I hate to see Christmas go. Now we have to wait a whole 'nother year of crap before we can try to get it right again.

My tree is still up, and the decorations on Wall Street are still blinking. 'But the season is over. The shops have already put Valentine's Day stuff up.

Even worse the department store's are setting up spring, and summer back yard stuff already.

Wadeing pools for the kiddies, and lawn furniture for their parents to sit in, and get drunk on.

All this, and it's still Janu-fucking-ary. Good Grief!

Well as for all my family mayhem, and grief, and madness,...well I'm still alive, and here to do as much damage as possible.

Bless the Beasts, and Children.

Glad ya came by,..see ya soon.

Bodmin said...

She-it man. I thought I'd just picked up the latest New York street slang, and it turns out it was your spelling problem! I mean, I'd figured 'woon' as the current replacement for 'wuss'. Wuss was ok as a noun ('Yo' bro, you a wuss', 'You a' bunch of wusses') or predicate adjective ('Kamal, he a wuss') but it didn't make it as a verb ('He wusses', 'He wussed': no, too wussy). Although you could get around it in the past tense with the "-out" form ('He wussed out on me'). But now this was solved: 'You a woon, man', 'You a bunch a woons', 'He woons', 'He woooned, man'). Nota bene: a woman could never be a wuss; it always implied unmanly, though not necessarily sissy behaviour; woon seemed to fit the same pattern. I was just about to begin awing all my acquaintances here in Europe by using the new word and demonstrating how chilled I was - and you wuss out on me and say it was a spelling error!

sidneylann995 said...

Sorry. Hey you can still use "woon" as you say. It does work, and fills in a needed link in our evolving language.

Inventions are often made by mistake. Chester Allen Arthur besides being a useless place holder President was also an inventor.

While trying to invent the bobby pin he invented the paper clip. So let the origins of "Woon" be our little secret.

After all only 8 or 9 people come here, and they're cool they won't spill da beans. Use "Woon" all over the place I'm sure it'll catch on.

As for my health there's alot of fever still. 'Have to change my sheets once or twice a night. Which reminds me I got'a take my laundry in tomorrow.

There's this nice Vietnamese family that runs the shop, and they likes me alot.

They even sews on my loose or lost buttons, and stuff like that. Such swell folks.

I tell ya it's the little kindness's that make existance on this slaughter house of a planet bearable.

Anyway lots of weakness, sweats, but most of the pain has lifted, pain is always better!

I'm able to mostly keep food down, but like I sez I'm very weak all the time. See my fevered pixs above.

I'm looking forward to a possible snow storm in a few daze. That'll cheer me up! If it happens I'll post pixs here, and Inkplum.

Happy New Year.