Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Watch your Language!"

Hey it gets better. This related to the below post. I'm told that Texas, ya know that state so in love with execution. Great burgers'n ribs though. Anyway they're making it illegal to be unable to speak English to the police.

Basically if a cop or ranger stops you, and you don't speak english you can, and will be busted.

37 have been given summonses so far in Dallas.

I imagine a legal furball will come of all this. Just another sign of our less that happy times.


John said...

Language, Borders, Culture whats
the prob ?

O`h yeah forgot to tell you, we
here on the Nothern Border States
yeah belive it Ohio is now one !
We`ve got the Border Patrol flying the Great Lakes checking for
who ?

Zaek said...

Checking for Ojibwa speakers, maybe?

What madness. It's obviously aimed at Mexicans, and is racist. We don't expect them to arrest European tourists, do we? If they did there would be a diplomatic melee. It's a manifestation of knuckle-headed xenophobic paranoia. If we don't like foreigners, why did we build Ellis Island? I can hardly wait for the fur balls to fly.

Zaek said...

By the way, the main motif in the Mexican flag - the eagle with a snake in its talons - is prominently featured in a poem by Shelley, The Revolt of Islam. It's an extraordinary passage.