Friday, January 8, 2010


I thought you all might like to see what I look like,..tonight, and where this blog is done, the moment. Yeah I know,..this is sort of difficult to explain.

I'm a "Hello Kitty" doll. and I live in an enchanted teepee in a magical forest.

Aw man. As Baron Munchausen once said of a similar unlikely happenstance, "...this is precisely the sort of thing that nobody ever believes!"

Story of my life pal.

Normally I'm a cranky aged ex-hippy, commie, semi-retired pornographer living in the frozen Emerald City on the Hudson.

This magical mayhem goes back to when I was a lad. Seems one day while wandering about Prospect Park I stepped into a Faerie Circle.

You know how 'they' can be, it. Had a swell time with the faerie folks'n all while there. However I didn't quite get what they meant by enchantments. They gave me a load of'em.

I think it was their way of being nice to a mortal.


Anyway now, and then all that enchantment jazz crops up, and I turns into stuff. Angels, toasters, cats, fax machines, and sometimes dolls, and action figures.

What can I say life is complicated.

More later, I'm working on a story now.

Watch this video. I really like the song.

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