Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"It's getting Scary"

The U.S. Mexican border is becoming a war zone thanks to the drug trade, paranoia, and bigotry. That damned wall don't help matters either. Then There's Canada. Our Great Enemy to the North!

When the hell did that happen?

Mexico I can see. Sure they're pissed at us we stole half their country. That, and employing them at slave wage rates all over the place.

'But Canada?!

Now you need a passport, all kinds of hassles on the roads, and train stations in, and out of the Great White North.

As a lad I just walked across the border, just like that.

Back in the day we used to be proud of the fact the the U.S. Canadian line was the longest undefended, unbarricaded border on Earth. True we've had two wars with them guys, and they kicked our butts both times!

Still ya see my point.

(Btw the way this was all Bush's doing.)

Now the Canadian border is as scary as the Mexican. Generations of heartless imperialist yankee oppressors will grow up never knowing that their northern border was once free'n open.

I dunno when I was a kid it was Russian paratroops, and attacking fleets of UFO's that were our only 'real' border worries. Now we fear our next door neighbors.

(...a little more that we did.)

Oh the wonders of the 21st century.


John said...

If it`s all Bush`s fault how come Mr.Empty Suit don`t do some`m `bout it ? CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE
haha what a yoke !

Uncle 2012 said...

Well my relationship with "Mr.Empty Suit" is much like that of a jilted boyfriend.

I mean we all fell in love with him then he turned out to be a phony butthole.

Like alot of old 60's types I'm broken hearted, and down.

I don't expect 'anything' from him. It's very likely he'll be a one termer.

His poll numbers are falling through the basement. He's lost the Left, the Independents, and the young are starting to drift away as well.

All he really has left are the few Blacks that still bother to vote.

As one blogger viciously put it, "...that crowd would vote for Jack the Ripper if he were the right color!"

Who would'a thought this time last year that we'd be in such an awful state.

I read my posts leading up to, and just after the election. My gawd we were so happy, thrilled. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Vast crowd out in the streets from coast to coast, and around the world.

All that for as on other blogger put it, "...just another incompetent lying weasel".

It fun while it lasted.

Zaek said...

Well, maybe in this case a phony butthole is better than the real thing.

To speak truth, I think many of us were to some extent projecting on Obama a kind of messianic fantasy that no human could deliver, least of all anyone who has a chance of making it into the White House. He seems to me like a competent lying weasel rather than an incompetent one, and has done pretty much what the sponsors who installed him in office (with our help) put him there to do.