Friday, January 22, 2010

"My Home Town"

When the Rapture, End Times, Invasion from Mars or Wales comes. I'm staying put. I ain't going nowhere. New Yorkers is like that.

We can take any shit there is. We could'a took a Blitz if the Nazis had invested in that long range "Amerika Bomber" the Luftwaffe wanted. Fortunately both Goring, and Hitler had other fish to fry at the time.

The Me 264. The damned thing looked like a nazi B-29, and could have burned Boston, New York, and D.C. to the ground. Very like what we did to Hamburg, and Dresden with Lancaster's, and B-17's.

Well we 'did' have a mini-Blitz once.

Like a lot of New Yorkers I've been having those 9/11 dreams again. Generously mixed'n seasoned with assorted end of the world visions, and terrors. It's probably the Haiti Nightmare triggering this stuff.

200k, that 200,000 folks dead. That's the number everybody on the scene is is tossing about these days. This doesn't count the 10/20k, we're told, dying for lack of rescue, and medical attention.

To add to the madness some authorities, U.N., U.S.?, turned away some French jumbo jets loaded with field hospitals, medics, and food.


To put the 200,000+ Haitian casualties in historical perspective. More folks were killed or maimed in the Haitian earthquake than in the WW2 atomic bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. More than in the bombing of London, Tokyo or Dresden.






So 200,000 or more souls cried out at once. No surprise we heard them, and later
dreamed them.

I have no moral. No wise ending. This is just what it is. We all in our many ways sense this great loss.

My way is to dream of the Emerald City in flames, ruined, and forsaken.

Give what you can to whatever humane group you trust to help those remaining.

(Click to enlarge the paintings, and photo.)


Uncle 2012 said...

One thing though.

The top painting is backwards. The Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River not the Hudson.

Also the Empire State Building is not on what seems in the picture 14th street.

It's on 34th.

Otherwise cool. Btw that subway station is one I regularly use.

The artist is on the money.

That's exactly what would happen. The damned thing would flood in a bombing or earthquake.

John said...

Gee`s guy whats going on ?
The US Navy has 20% (my guess) of
our Eastern Fleet down there plus
thousands of other people down there and only one large landing strip !
They have what is needed there but
can`t get there damn stuff in !
Everything is destroyed the ports are runnined their unable to unload the ships with the supplies
THEY are doing there best !

Lino said...

If I have not previously sent this link...I should mention that this is the real thing..a devastated New York.

The above link is to a series of photos shot bet 1965-1995 -the "hell years".

Actually, things did not become noticeably bad until 1968 although Harlem was devastated by rioting several years before, it never reached the near-total ruination that many sections of the Bronx and Brooklyn fell to.

Uncle 2012 said...

I remember all too well the NY "Hell Years". The city was bankrupt. There were almost no services in operation.

Waves of drug epidemics, murders routine, rapes common.

Worst of all the cops didn't give a fuck.

This was the era when the saying among the cops was,..."Do your 20, and get out!"

Fuck the city, fuck the people. Just live long enough to get your pension, and don't look back.

I remember sleeping over at the radio station because it was too dangerous to use the trains most nights.

I also remember the night they found a head in a trash can on our corner. lie the sanitation guys really did.

Remember when Mayor Dinkins was giving a press conference about how the crime was declining, and a gang shoot out erupted on the next block!

Every night you could hear gun play on the streets. Good block or bad it was there.

It was pure bleeping hell, and good riddance to it!

You comrades should follow Lino's web address to them images of the evil years.

You should also follow the links to what things look like now. They're in the comments portion below the pictures.

The difference in NY then, and now is like Berlin 1945, and Berlin 2010.

Both New York, and Berlin were destroyed in wars.

One in a declared world war the other in an undeclared economic ethnic cleansing.

The economic, and social forces that destroyed New York in the 1960's through 90's.

In my opinion predatory capital, and racism. These same forces also brought NYC back in the 21st century.

There's a seriously scary movie in all this somewhere.

Bodmin said...

Actually, I was there from 1970 to 1986, and I'd take the New York of those years hands down anytime over the New York of today. Times Square today as a suburban New Jersey patio makes me sick. The Lower East Side was rough but it was vital, not full of yuppies, yunnies and NYU dorms. Yeah, city services disappeared, but to the extent we could, they were replaced with community-based initiatives - the Panther breakfast program in the church gym, the local neighborhood patrol - that had the advantage of being real democracy instead of the sham that re-elects Bloemturd. That didn't save the local hospital or fire stations from Koch and Beame, but we tried.
This afternoon I had lunch with my foster son - born in the South Bronx in '73, grew up in North Brooklyn, left the States with me in 1986 - and this came up. He too says he wouldn't trade having grown up in NYC in those years, even with such experiences as he and his friends finding bodies in barrels in the vacant lots where they played, or being robbed of his sneaks at knife-point on the way home from school. In fact, he credits North Brooklyn in the 'Hell Years' as being an essential part of his real education - something he regrets his own kids won't have - that hardens you, makes you streetwise and life-wise, teaches you to watch your back, to make decisions about who you can trust, and that the world isn't the bullshit that your teachers in school and the media try to sell you.

Lino said...

"- something he regrets his own kids won't have - that hardens you, makes you streetwise and life-wise.."

All that the era of muggings and arson accomplished was to frighten and enrage a huge portion of our citizenry who fled cities and voted for conservative bastards such as Ronald Reagan.

I had a wonderful childhood in the 60s and an "ok" teen-hood in the 70s. You could not escape the general feeling the "things will only get worse". When I took the subway to NYU several times a week, I entered and unpleaseant hell of spray paint vandalism and filthy neglect in which trains all had non working doors and burnt out lights.

Up in the Bronx where my Grandmother lived you could stand on her tall apt building's rooftop and see the trails of smoke as the borough burned.

Even here a block away from where our current mayor lives, scenes of dereliction and robbery were never far away.

We were all younger, that's all.

Zaek said...

The photos look horrid. Is the South Bronx still like that?

Being robbed at gunpoint changes your outlook. I still find it hard to trust people in certain circumstances. Having lived in big cities and in woodsy exurbian cubbyholes, I think I prefer the sheltered existence.

Anonymous said...

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