Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Finally some Action!"

At last some of the hideous towers of the new World Trade Center complex are rising out of the 9/11 crater. It'll be 10 years in September so they're rushing the job. The Memorial Center is supposed to be done by August.

Fat Chance.

Anyway the crooks stalled the project for a decade so they could get as much ill-gotten dough for themselves as possible. Now that everybody is paid off they're starting to throw some steel at the sky. The project when finished will have all the humane charm of a slaughter house designed by Albert Speer.

I can hardly wait.

Fuck the lot of them, and the dead donkey they rode in on.

Yeah I'm pissed, and so is everybody else in town. Sue us. We've as much contempt for these twisted glass boxes as the designers have for New Yorkers.

These things is for the Boss's, and the tourists. ...nothing against the tourist, screw da Boss's, but ya see what I'm saying.

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Zaek said...

Yep, too little too late.

How conspicuously uninspiring. What happened to those gleaming towers of ambition whose architects were trumpeted so noisily seven years ago? I predict an ignominious fate for these detumescent monuments to graft.

Uncle 2012 said...

The damned thing like like the Projects just twisted, and bigger.

I'm real emotional about this. It's 'so' bad Osama wouldn't waste trained suicide bombers on these ugly piles crap.