Saturday, March 12, 2011

"...this just in"

Besides the end of the world it looks like Qaddafi will win his war on his people. This while the West talks, and sits with their thumbs up their butts. Seems our "hero" has 20,000,..more or less, mercenaries from sub-Shara African countries, including child soldiers, readying for battle.

Even our intelligence guys are saying it's curtains for the resistance. They have the heart, and motivation, but are vastly out-gunned. That's just the hard math of this war.

Don't even bring up Obama. My disgust with him is bottomless. In 2012 I'm writing in my sister, and voting for her. She always keeps her word.

So in a few weeks when Qaddafi wipes out the last rebel strongholds, and the world forgets anything ever happened out there. The Libyan people are in for a reign of terror, and full gulags as the Boss's vengeance is brought to bear on them.

To judge by what he's done in the territory he's retaken so far expect mass executions, and the usual hacking's, and gouging. This mixed with a desperate hit, and run guerrilla war by remnants of the rebel forces.

Think the Balkans back in the 1990's when the west also sat on their ample butts, and looked the other way for years.

On the other hand. The E.U. us or the Easter Bunny might finally smell the oil, and take out Qaddafi's air force. This would radically change the game.


Do I have to say I have no illusions what ever that the rebels are a bunch of happy pro-women, pro-Queer, free speech open democracy flower children?

These folks ain't nice guys either.

However they might be 'slightly' less murderous than the current management. Com'on in times like these ya has to work with what you've got.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

We can't get involved.

It's not our fight.

Whatever we do will be wrong, will be perceived to be wrong and will be held up as more western imperialism by those that wish to use that particular stick.

Gadhaffi is a cunt and deserves to die, he is after all reponsible for the deaths of hundreds on my little island, but it is not up to us to give it to him.

The possessive pronoun refers to the wastern democracies, obviously if a United Nations motion can be passed then that is a different ball game but Russia and China seem to be less than enthusiastic for that.

Uncle 2012 said...

You're right of course. I see it. The political realities say it's right to stay the hell out.

We were also right not to go into Rwanda, and Sudan, Liberia, Tibet, Cambodia, etc, etc.

We'll be damned before G-d for being right.

G-d help the Libyan people.