Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Mickey on Crack'n Whiskey"

I know exactly how ya feel over there Mickey. Must be hell being a rodent these days. It's no blowjob in the Oval Office for me either. I have a flu bug that won't get lost. My teeth are falling out of my skull. I hate my stupid job, and want to retire.

However like most bleeped over Americans I'd starve on my aledged pension.

Also the Earth is cracking open, and zillion are falling in. That, and we're in a damned Great Depression that may turn into some sort of Civil War. There's still nothing good on tv!

Where the hell is that new "Torchwood" series! It months late!

I'm on all sorts of meds. Ever worse it's not that I can't get laid,....I DON'T WANT TO GET LAID!!! Yuck! How the hell did that happen. I used to be an award winning Pervert. Now all I want to do is read the paper, tinker on the house, and sleep.

Just like my Dad.

Aw crap. I've not only turned into my father, but I think I've morphed into Grandpa, or maybe Grandma now. The kids don't call either. Well all them nieces, and nephews I helped raise.

It's always like that.

When they're in their 20's they ain't giving you a thought. However when the "three-oh" hits when 30+ slams them is the face they come knocking. ...looking for advice, and loans.

Bless their hearts.

Please disregard the rant. I have a flu headache, and I'm generally emotional, and nuts tonight.

Stay tuned.

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