Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Back to the Future"

With all this Hell going down I need to see the old future again. Funny we didn't see all this 'real' 21st century mayhem coming.

Original 1968 version.

Retro 1950's version.

2011 computer version.


Zaek said...

Give us back our future again!

I notice the winged space ship - the sort of shuttle that us plebes were supposed to eventually ride into orbit - is marked "Pan American." Remember the cartoon ads with the toucan lounging on the wing and airily declaring "Pan Am - the only way to fly!"? It still shocks me that the company folded long ago.

Uncle 2012 said...

I'll say it again,...I hate the 21st century.

Zaek said...

We're supposedly living in a "post-industrial" age. In practice what this means is that our industrial activities have been off-shored to where labor is cheap, and we've long since abandoned our old manufacturing base to corrode into a Rust Belt. In a few generations we will indeed be post-industrial: but not in the way that is popularly imagined.

So much for the Space Age. At least we can still be back-to-the-land hippies, if we really want it.